With up to 276 neural voices more voices being added all the time there’s a voice for all your marketing needs. Unlike our competitors, we are very critical of our voices and we decided to only offer the best for our users.


You can convert your text to speech in your own language. You are also able to use your native tongue and have your voices speak in any of our other 47 languages that are currently available.

Customisation Controls

Adding volume to both your voice and music is essential to any voice-over production and with air™️ not only is this possible, but you also have the choice to change the speed and pitch of each voice, which in turn will make a huge difference to your content.


Powering your production with music is a must and what better way to choose your track than to pick the music that suits your production mood and with up to 500 licence free soundtracks you will be spoilt for choice.

47 Languages

With many different languages to choose from, you can promote your business on a global scale. And what better way to make life easier for yourself than type or paste your own language text into air™️, which will then convert it into a spoken voice-over of your preferred choice that air™️ supports.

Coming soon to both our web and mobile version!

By adding the power of video to your creative content you will capture your audiences attention as well as making your productions look even more professional. With air™️ you can upload your own content direct from your mobile device or choose from stock footage.