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Bespoke Marketing has over 100 professional, industry-leading voice talents with pre-licensed music tracks available. We provide small and big businesses with Male or Female voices in many languages and accents for any type of businesses like Automobile Dealerships, Banking, Medical, Real Estate, Insurance, Hair Salons, Hotels and many more.

Please listen below to sample on hold recordings :

sample 1 :

American female

sample 2 :

American male

sample 3 :

British female

sample 4 :

British male

sample 5 :

British female Kandima

sample 6 :

British female The Private Clinic

sample 7 :

Mandarin female

sample 8 :

Mandarin male

sample 9 :

Spanish female

sample 10 :

Spanish male

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By expertly blending creative copy, world-class voice artistry and brand-matched music, we’ve transformed the caller experience for more than 12,000 clients in 22 countries across the globe – introducing a valuable new facet to their business identity.